Customer Profile: Alyssa

Alyssa is one of our regulars that always brings in amazing items for us to work on. This time she brought in this velvet tank that had the most beautiful color of velvet, but the cut of the top was unflattering and looked cheap. Alyssa-final-low-res


Customer Profile: Julie’s mother’s dress

Miss Julie who you may remember from her dress redesign, and Cardi-Blazer dropped by with additional items to revamp. This piece was her mother’s prom dress from the 60s. It had an itty-bitty waist and was much too small, but between the fabric and sentimental value, it had some major potential.



Customer Profile: Bridget

Bridget brought us this absolutely gorgeous dress. It had been her grandmother’s, and while she thought it was beautiful, she was never going to wear it as is. Final-low-res Luckily, the dress was in fabulous condition!


Customer Profile: Beth

Beth brought in her mother’s dress to have it tweaked and updated. revamped vintage profiles   It didn’t need much but in general there was just too much fabric!


Customer profile: Stephanie

Meet Stephanie! Being a 6’1″ tall woman, she often has trouble finding clothing that will fit her height and torso. She brought in this green dress knowing about the creative alterations we do, and after seeing some of our other blog posts, she was hoping we could get creative in a way that would not be too noticeable.
Creative tailoring revamps


Customer Profiles: The Cardi-Blazer

As we begin the yoyo weather the DC winter season is know for, it’s definitely time to break out the old blazers! One minute it’s 60, the next we have winter storm watches!!! We’ve had several customers bring in their beloved go-to-blazer for a nip & a tuck, a Ginger Root face lift if you will. Aaron-low-res


Customer Profile: Georgia

Georgia’s daughter got her a tailoring giftcard as a gift so she could bring something in to revamp. She brought in this jacket from her closet that she has had for many years. She originally purchased it from a weaver who not only make the jacket but also the fabric. Her weaving was absolutely amazing, but her garment construction and tailoring was not quite on the same level.
final blog


Customer profile: Jaqueline

Jaqueline came to us with a beautiful vintage dress that had belonged to her mother. Made from midnight navy silk organza and faille, it was gorgeous! But there were some minor fitting issues, and Jaqueline felt like she was wearing a costume. Our mission was to perfect the tailoring, and make the dress feel more modern, while still paying homage to its fabulous 50s flair.
final blog


Customer Profile: Crazy awesome shirt repair

This creative repair is really a rescue. The shirt below was involved in a drinking incident. Here’s how it went down… One guy believed his buddy was too “buttoned-up” for the party. That guy wanted to help his buddy out, and this happened 🙂 No now, c’mon folks, we’ve all been there! However, this was his favorite shirt, so he brought it to us to fix. Honestly, this is the best creative repair story we’ve ever heard! Before & After crazy shirt repair


Customer Profile: Julie’s redesign

Julie brought in a dress that she purchased at Remix on Capitol Hill before they, sadly, closed. The dress was adorable, and she was hoping to wear it to a masquerade, but the main problem – it was sooo tiny! If we were to make this work we needed to get creative and add several inches. Initially, we believed it to be a lost cause, then I started blurting out different options, this one being the last:

JulieL blog