Jaqueline came to us with a beautiful vintage dress that had belonged to her mother. Made from midnight navy silk organza and faille, it was gorgeous! But there were some minor fitting issues, and Jaqueline felt like she was wearing a costume. Our mission was to perfect the tailoring, and make the dress feel more modern, while still paying homage to its fabulous 50s flair.
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First, I removed some of the warped boning, and adjusted it to better fit. Then I took in the sides, and re-set the bones. The voluminous silk organza fall and bow on the back, while stunning, had to go. Happy surprise- there were shaping tucks around the back! Once we removed the organza, you were able to see this incredible, beautiful draping, which was 100% covered-up before. The tucks added a subtle point of interest in the back, and so we needed to add a focal point in the front.
This is where Jaqueline really let me have fun! Using the discarded silk organza, I came up with 5 different, architectural options for the front. 2nd happy surprise- she chose my favorite! I pleated the organza, and created a fan-style detail, which was attached to one side of the bodice. I heart asymmetry!  (The number of exclamation marks in this post COMPLETELY relates to how much fun this project was).
after3 blog
Yes- we started with a gorgeous dress, in amazing condition, made from quality material. But- even though it was perfectly pretty- we recreated it into something that Jaqueline will actually wear. It may be more modern, but it’s just as beautiful!
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