Tailoring Terminology: Rick Rack

Ever go to a tailor and have no idea what word(s) she/he just said? Well, we are here to bring a little education into the wide world of tailoring with a little terminology talk. Check back every week for a new term.

Next up: Rick Rack

Rick Rack

Okay, truth be told, I’m not a cutesy girl. BUT… I have a complete weakness for rick rack. It’s a zig zag trim made from flat, narrow braid that became popular in the 70s. Watch a re-run of “Little House on the Prairie,” or google “Bicentennial fashions” and you’ll find that rick rack rules! It’s not common now, unless you’re vintage shopping, and can be embellished by rolling it in a spiral to create a floral type effect. It’s the hokiest of embellishments, but this particular ginger CANNOT GET ENOUGH.

Rick rack on a skirt.

rick rack skirt

Rick Rack on a dress.

rick rack dress

*Images courtesy of Beautiful Additions, Fashion and Exile Vintage

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