Customer profile: Katherine

Katherine came in with a few items and this jean dress stuck out because it had so much potential! She had it in her closet for quite some time, but it was too small to zip up, the black band was trying to pull itself free from the dress (gotta love crappy construction from the factories!), and those buttons were just meant to get stuck on something and rip a hole in the dress. tailoring revamp


Customer Profile: Two revamps in one!

This customer profile has 2 revamps! That’s right, Jamie’s got two items, you’ll see why in a sec, so be sure you get to the bottom of this post! The first was her sister’s dress. It had stains on the bottom but both Jamie & her sis agreed, it had some potential with that awesome pattern. We brainstormed a few creative repairs, but all of the options would look like we were trying too hard (you never want a creative repair to look forced!).

Revamped fashion after


Customer Profile: Andrew

Andrew brought in one of his well-loved shirts, but the problem was that it had a hole on the elbow and a small hole by the shoulder. The nice thing about holes at the elbow is that they are excellent opportunities to bring that garment to the next level with snazzy elbow patches!

before2 blog


Customer Profile: Lindsay

Lindsay came to us with a few of her mother’s old blazers that were over-sized and boxy. She wanted them to fit in with her modern wardrobe, and she had one jacket in particular that grabbed my attention. . . How can you go wrong with a statement fire-engine red blazer?! As you can see the fit was just way too big for her. Before blog


Customer Profile: Beth

Beth brought in her old favorite sweater, but the problem was the knit was so fine that there were rips and holes that started and spread over time. She wanted to figure out a way to rescue this piece.

before2 blog


Customer Profile: Nina

Miss Nina of the AMAZING Ciao Nina fascinators dropped in for a dress rescue. She found this awesome dress online and European sizing and American sizing do not always match up so it was several inches too small. The fabric and dress, created by Charlotte Taylor, were fabulous and very worthy of a revamp. before edited blog


We’re hiring a front desk lady or gent!!

We’re hiring a front desk lady or gent!!
We’re on the lookout for a fabulous gal or guy to work our front receptionist desk (Red hair- despite our name- is NOT required, but a good sense of humor and style most definitely are!). We need an organized individual to help run the front desk and take care of the many administrative duties that we’ve been handling. Check out our requirements and the more detailed job description…


Customer Profile: Sergey

Sergey recently inherited this 3 piece suit, but the fit did not work for him. The fabric was great, and would make all 3 pieces easy to wear on their own, which made it worth investing in it to get the right fit.
 before blog


Customer Profile: Amanda

Amanda picked up this great red dress from Meeps, and it had so much potential, there was just too much fabric.

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Customer Profile: Tasha

Tasha brought in that beautiful dress that had some major potential but also had those SLEEVES!!  They made the dress look way too old, but the detail work was so amazing! before blog Click the pic to see what we did to recycled this piece!