Beth brought in her old favorite sweater, but the problem was the knit was so fine that there were rips and holes that started and spread over time. She wanted to figure out a way to rescue this piece.

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For the many smaller holes I was able to reweave/stabilize them by hand, and for the big holes, we decided to add some contrasting elbow patches. She had an additional sweater with some major moth holes that we were able to recycle into the patches.Beth also like the idea of using contrasting thread for the serging (white) and a yellow to stitch the patches on. After the reweaving and attaching the patches, I put the button back in place so she could still roll the sleeves. Favorite sweater: Rescued!

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Do you have you favorite sweater that has some holes? Give us a call at (202)567-7668 or email at and we will try to brainstorm a way to rescue it! Give us a call at (202)567-7668 or email at and we can help brainstorm!

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