Denim Repair: Colorful Stitching

We have been doing a lot of denim repair over the last year, but we never remember to take pictures!  Finally, we are working to document them. We will be featuring a variety of these denim repairs to help share what’s possible, and we wanted to kick things off with a less traditional one. Jan-jean-repair-final-lores


Customer Profile: Tiffany’s Vintage Find

You know how it goes–you go thrifting, find an amazing dress, you put it on and realize that it has just a touch too much of the grandma effect–but life’s too short and you BUY IT ANYWAYS!! 😀  We have all been there. So what do you do?! Tiffany-P-dress-final-lores


Customer Profile: Jamie’s Buffalo Exchange Dress

What do you do with a big ol’ bag dress? Jamie found this amazing piece from Buffalo Exchange (1318 14th St NW) for $10, fell in love with the fabric, and knew just where to bring it! The hilarious part is that this dress has a size tag marked “M” sewn in. . . we think the manufacturer may have miscalculated a little. jamie's-buffalo-exchange-dress-final-lores  


Customer Profile: Daniel’s Suit Recutting

Daniel brought us an Italian suit he had hanging in the closet but wasn’t quite happy with it. He typically wears jackets that are perfectly tailored, and this jacket didn’t quite do it: it was all around a little too big for what he preferred. We agreed that this suit re-cutting wouldn’t be drastic, but we could definitely tweak the suit a little bit everywhere to fit exactly how he likes.   Daniel-suit-recut-final-lores


Customer Profile: Emily’s Blazer Revamp

You may remember Emily from a while back on our blog. We have worked on many-a vintage garment from her closet, but this time she brought in an old blazer for us to update. Emily's-blazer-revamp-final-lores


Customer Profile: Alaina’s Lace Dress

Lace has made a big comeback in the past two years, and we love it! A classy way of peek-a-boo dressing helps straddle the line between sexy and demure. Downside: its incredibly fragile (hence the delicate beauty), and therefore prone to tears. Alaina's-torn-lace-dress-lores


Customer Profile: Blake’s Red Blazer

Everyone needs a few bright red accents in their closets, and I was so excited when Blake brought in this rockin’ vintage red blazer. Even though it was much bigger than he would have preferred when he found it, the red was just too cool to pass up, and he knew where he could bring it to shape it up.



Customer Profile: William’s tattered jeans

I love my jeans. The older, the better. That perfect worn-in feeling… soooo comfortable, and yet, there’s this much time between broken-in and broken. Perfect example? William’s jeans. He loves them, but years of stepping on the hem wore down the back of the jeans. Luckily, at Ginger Root, we have a tub full of jean hems. jean repair


Problem and Solution: Pocket Repair Part 2

We are back with part 2 of the unfortunate mishap of the ripped pocket. In part 1 we repaired the pocket in a stylized fashion, and on this pocket, we decided to keep it classic and reweave–after all, this suit is for work and can’t get too loud.