Customer Profile: Gabrielle

I’m currently up to my elbows in bridesmaids dresses and wedding gowns (tis the season…), so it’s become a fun game to figure out the minimum changes necessary to transform a typical Bill Levkoff dress into something you actually could wear again. It’s sort of the tailoring version of the Kevin Bacon game đŸ™‚ This project was a variation on that.



Customer Profile: Emily’s Epic Vintage Dress

Emily is one of our beloved regulars, and she has an excellent eye. She found this amazing vintage piece and saw the potential it had, and it was by far my favorite piece to work on lately! Emily's-green-dress-fina-loresl


Customer Profile: Jon’s 1920’s Blazer

Jon came to us a few weeks back, and 1. His pieces were amazing and 2. I was very impressed with how he shops! Modern jackets don’t fit him right but he found that his size in vintage clothing fits perfectly in the shoulders. Thus, he ventures online to various vintage shops, does his shopping, then has pieces tailored for any extra needed tweaking. This particular piece was from the 20’s and was in ridiculous condition (we suspect it could in fact be proof of time travel). Jon's-blazer-from-the-20s-final-lores


Customer Profile: Angela’s Traditional African Dress

We have a lot of fun at Ginger Root, and I feel lucky that there’s such variety in our work.  True, I spend a large portion of my day on bridesmaids dresses, or fixing broken invisible zippers, but there’s always a few totally creative redesign projects in the mix to keep us inspired.  Angela’s dress was one of these. Angelas dress final blog


Customer Profile: Louisa’s Patterned Skirt

We’ve all done it. Nearly every one of us has gone out and purchased a garment who’s ill-fitting design, no matter how unflattering or inconceivable, has one redeeming feature that cannot be ignored: awesome fabric. Amazing colors, crazy patterns- whatever it may be, you HAD to have it, and yet, it’s never left your closet. This week’s customer profile is one of those items, reworked and refashioned until it’s finally as cute a garment as that pattern deserves! Louisa-final-low-res


Denim Repair: Catch Small Holes Early!

There are some things are are just unavoidable, and for some people, no matter how hard we try to avoid it, the seats or thighs will inevitably wear out on our jeans. We could let it get us down, OR we could just accept it and reinforce the buggers before they get worse. small-crotch-hole-final-lores


Denim Repair: Knee Blowout

We’ve all been there one time or another where the knee just completely gives out on your favorite pair of jeans. However you are not ready to give up on the jeans yet. This project is a perfect example of that. big-knee-hole-final-lores