We’ve all done it. Nearly every one of us has gone out and purchased a garment who’s ill-fitting design, no matter how unflattering or inconceivable, has one redeeming feature that cannot be ignored: awesome fabric. Amazing colors, crazy patterns- whatever it may be, you HAD to have it, and yet, it’s never left your closet. This week’s customer profile is one of those items, reworked and refashioned until it’s finally as cute a garment as that pattern deserves!


Louisa came to us, holding up this adorable dress. It was a halter wrap dress, with ties at the neck and waist, but the pattern was really the focal point.


Every other design element was a bit of a problem. The neckline was waaay too low, even when the dress was wrapped as tightly as possible. The gathering across the back neckline was not tacked down, and ended up shifting awkwardly when worn. The skirt cross over wasn’t quite deep enough for DC’s windy weather either. But the fabric was too cute to abandon, and Louisa came to us with a plan: hack off the top and make it a skirt!

First, I removed the top, then we sewed the front closed, and flipped it around, so the back became center front.


I folded the pockets to the new front, and tacked them in place.


Next I added elastic to the back waistband, leaving the front band flat. Tada! An infinitely more wearable option!


Louisa looks great, and this wonderful pattern can finally be out and about 🙂




Do you have a pattern that hasn’t left your closet?  Give us a call to schedule an appointment at (202)567-7668 or email us at info@gingerrootdesign.com and we can help brainstorm!
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