Customer Profile: Jamie’s Revamp for a Friend

You may recognize Jamie from a few of the other items she has brought in, but this time she brought something in to revamp for her friend. Her friend’s father had given her a jacket from his travels to Tibet. before-and-after-low-res


Customer Profile: Christylez Bacon

Christylez Bacon has been coming our way for some time now to build out his collection of our original Ginger Root Ascots. A few weeks back he gave us a call and put in his order for an extra special custom Ascot for his album release show February 22nd, and of course I was on board! He wanted a black satin tie with white piping along the bottom edge. Christylez-Bacon-Ascot-final-low-res


Customer Profile: Amelia´s Baby Dress

Here at Ginger Root, we’ve done a lot of revamps in the past 4 years. We’ve reworked people’s mothers’, grandmothers’, fathers’, and even grandfathers’ clothing. But Amelia’s project was a first. She brought us a dress from her toddler-hood, for us to remake into a scarf!


Customer Profile: Eli’s Elbow Patches

Eli came to us with a sweater that his grandfather had given him. I could tell it was a well-loved sweater since the elbows were worn through. Eli told me he wanted to add elbow patches, and would prefer them to grab a little more attention, which of course I have no problems with 🙂 Eli-patches-final-low-res


Customer Profile: Will’s Vest

Will has been in a few times, and this time he brought in a vest that was really great but just too short. He was hoping we could let down the bottom, but unfortunately in men’s vests with the points on the bottom, they have the trim out all of the excess in order to achieve that crisp shape. I was upfront that since there were no traditional tailoring options available, this would involve more of a creative revamping. Will-vest-low-res


Customer Profile: Francesca’s Duck Shirt

Unique patterns always catch my eye, and there are DEFINITELY some amazing vintage blouses out there. Sadly, the 80’s trend of “bigger is better” has not held up. That doesn’t mean you need to abandon that awesome cheetah silk shirt- we can remove the huge shoulder pads and diaphanous sleeves, transforming your thrift store find into something worthy of Anthropology’s racks. Case in point, this week’s customer profile.


Customer Profile: Karen’s Dress Revamp

Karen brought in a few items, one of which was this great colorful stripe dress. However the dress had seen better days since it had split in the back by the seat, and as most modern women’s garments are now, it had no extra fabric on the inside of the dress to help us salvage the piece. Karen-stripe-dress-blog


Customer Profile: Annette’s Skirt Reweaving

Annette came in quite some time ago with a wool skirt that needed rescuing. There were 2 very large holes with missing fabric, as well as wearing along the hem. The best route for us to fix this was by reweaving these trouble spots by hand. After I informed her it would never look brand new from the store, she decided to go for it. Annette-skirt-reweaving-blog


Customer Profile: Dafna’s house dress

Dafna always comes by with amazing thrift store gems, and this dress was no exception! Purchased on a trip in the southwest, Dafna loved the print on this Mexican house dress, but it was lacking any shape, and felt dowdy. final-low-res