Eli came to us with a sweater that his grandfather had given him. I could tell it was a well-loved sweater since the elbows were worn through. Eli told me he wanted to add elbow patches, and would prefer them to grab a little more attention, which of course I have no problems with 🙂


I grabbed a few vintage wool fabrics we had on hand, and we both looked at each against the sweater. We settled on a fabric and I mentioned we could serge the edges in white thread for an extra pop, and he was on board.


I stabilized the holes, cut the patches, and stitched them in place. Now Eli can keep this sweater in his wardrobe of a jazzed up second life cycle, and can think of his grandfather whenever he wears it  🙂


Do you have a sweater with holes? Smaller ones we can reweave (but please dry-clean first), and in a case of a large hole, we may be able to come up with a creative solution.  Give us a call to schedule an appointment at  (202)567-7668 or email us at info@gingerrootdesign.com and we can help brainstorm!

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Kristen is one of the owners and founders of Ginger Root Design and ReVamp ReWear Design and Tailoring.

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