Dafna always comes by with amazing thrift store gems, and this dress was no exception! Purchased on a trip in the southwest, Dafna loved the print on this Mexican house dress, but it was lacking any shape, and felt dowdy.



We wanted to keep the easy feeling of the dress, but make it figure flattering. To start, I added an actual waistline, and raised the hem through that new seam. Then, I took out some excess in the bodice, and added front darts.


Lastly, we channeled elastic across the back waist. It nipped in the waist that final bit, but still allowed Dafna to be comfortable. Bonus: by adding elastic only in the back, we were able to achieve a fitted, flat front dress without needing to cut a back seam and add a zipper. This is a perfect solution for any lady with a chest,  avoiding any excess stress on zippers (and potentially disastrous wardrobe malfunctions!)


Now Dafna is really for spring! If only the weather would behave accordingly…   🙂

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