Emily is one of our beloved regulars, and she has an excellent eye. She found this amazing vintage piece and saw the potential it had, and it was by far my favorite piece to work on lately!


As you can tell, the dress was just too much, and it was taking over her body! The sleeves were crazy, the hem was too long, it was too big, and it had a few moth holes.

We kicked things off by fitting the back seams from top to bottom, removing some but not all of the flare. We also ditched the sleeves and then met for a second fitting. At this point we were able to tell that the darts on the front of the neck needed to be extended, and the chest needed a bit of reshaping. We also added darts to the back of the neck to make it lay nicer.



Emily wanted to keep the armhole as wide as possible at the top of the shoulders, so we decided to make piping out of the old sleeves to finish off the armholes. We also stabilized a few of the moth holes, and then finished it all off with a good ol’ hemming ABOVE the knee 🙂


Do you have an amazing vintage piece that needs some modernizing?We will take the special attention to make sure they stay timeless classics.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment at (202)567-7668 or email us at info@gingerrootdesign.com and we can help brainstorm!

*Tailoring by appointment only, closed Wednesdays and Sundays.

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Kristen is one of the owners and founders of Ginger Root Design and ReVamp ReWear Design and Tailoring.

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