We are back with part 2 of the unfortunate mishap of the ripped pocket. In part 1 we repaired the pocket in a stylized fashion, and on this pocket, we decided to keep it classic and reweave–after all, this suit is for work and can’t get too loud.

Reweaving is never perfect, but it blended in pretty well and the pocket flap helped hide it. This repair was a bit more of an investment than the stylized machine-stitched version, but it’s a classic option if you need to hide the repair as best as possible.

Do you have a rip on your suit, and want to see if it’s something we can reweave? Give us a call to schedule an appointment at (202)567-7668 or email us at info@gingerrootdesign.com.

*Tailoring by appointment only. Closed Wednesdays and Sundays.

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Kristen is one of the owners and founders of Ginger Root Design and ReVamp ReWear Design and Tailoring.

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