Well, we’ve all done it. You reach into your jacket pocket and RIP! Or maybe you’re just walking through a door, and your pocket gets caught on the doorknob. Whichever way it happens, we have all ripped a pocket. And, traditional tailoring-wise, it’s pretty much a death sentence for your coat. Unless, however, you get creative…. Here’s part 1 of the pocket repair series.


The rest of the coat was in great shape, and the customer gave me free reign to fix the pocket. We decided that the best decision would be to make the repair extra visible. After using a fusible interfacing to stabilize the torn area, I decided to topstitch over it, providing extra strength and durability. The jacket had a purple lining, and so I color matched the topstitching thread, and sewed in a cross-hatch pattern.


The end result was a repaired, revitalized trench, finished JUST in time for DC’s rainy spring season! Proof you don’t have to give up on those hopeless projects. If you keep an open mind, we can figure out a way to fix just about anything! 🙂


Do you have a rip in your jacket that needs some creative help? Give us a call to schedule an appointment at (202)567-7668 or email us at info@gingerrootdesign.com.

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