Andrew brought in one of his well-loved shirts, but the problem was that it had a hole on the elbow and a small hole by the shoulder. The nice thing about holes at the elbow is that they are excellent opportunities to bring that garment to the next level with snazzy elbow patches!

before2 blog

A smaller whole on the back of the shirt too…

before hole blog

We actually used the scrap from the pants we hemmed for him to create this elbow patch. He liked the idea of having the edge finished with black serging to give it a little edge, but still keep it more classic.

fabric blog

As for the hole at the shoulder, I used a scrap from the elbow and my trusty sewing machine to stabilize the hole, and there you go–This shirt is ready for round 2!

after blog after hole blog

Did your elbow pop out of your favorite shirt? Give us a call at (202)567-7668 or email at and we’ll see if the Gingers can’t think up a solution.

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