Bridget brought us this absolutely gorgeous dress. It had been her grandmother’s, and while she thought it was beautiful, she was never going to wear it. Bridget just felt like she was wearing a costume, and a garment this lovely deserves to get out of the closet more often than Halloween.


Luckily, the dress was in fabulous condition!


We nipped in the torso, waist and hip to really show off her figure. The sparkly beading looked great, but that plus the shiny buttons were a bit much for every day wear, and Bridget was hoping to wear this occasionally to work By removing the buttons and tacking the front closed, we toned it down just enough to make the dress accessible.

after2-low-res after3-low-res

Bridget’s dress is proof that, with just a few tweaks, you can update a vintage piece while still maintaining the original design. By just fitting it properly, and toning down the sparkles, this lovely dress is out and about, instead of stuck in storage.

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