Problem and Solution: Repair Shirt Slice

Well folks, we’ve all done it. In one swift motion you hear that sound and dread looking down because you know what you’re going to find, that dumb dumb dumb hole!! Argh! After you get a few swear words out of your system, then you quickly accelerate to the mourning phase. However you might not have to give up on that shirt because of one silly hole!



Customer profile: Stephanie’s 80s dress revamp

Stephanie picked up this 80′s gem as a freebie in her building. It had a lot of potential, but there was no denying how 80′s it was. What I like to do on pieces like these is take the 80′s and trim it down to the 40′s. Stephanie's-80s-dress-final-lores


Customer Profile: Dafna’s King of Pop T-shirt

Well, she’s done it again! Dafna is the master at finding kick-ass clothing with potential at the thrift store and then paying us a visit. Her bargain find this time was a Michael Jackson “King of Pop” T-shirt. It wasn’t the best quality, and was that heavy weight knit that nobody really likes, HOWEVER it was the perfect piece for this project! Dafna-King-of-pop-lores


Kevin’s Suit Re-Cutting

Kevin has been to us a handful of times, and this time he brought in an amazing suit from Redeem, only problem is the jacket in his size was sold out. Since the suit was too cool to pass up, he bought the over-sized coat anyway, and knew just where to bring it. Kevin's-blazer-recut-final-lores


Customer Profile: Kristen’s dress to skirt

Kristen came to us with an adorable dress that had been a hand-me-down from her sister. The intricate colored lace layers around the top of the bodice were beautiful, but the shapeless baby doll cut completely hid her figure! We were already using the trim from the bottom of the dress to lengthen a different frock, so we took advantage of the fact that we were already hacking it apart, and decided to make a skirt  :) Kristin's-dress-to-skirt-final-lores