Customer Profile: Heather

Sometimes designers get so excited about designing a garment, they go a bit overboard, and the result can look like you’re wearing a costume. Heather’s dress was an example of a designer run amok. Heather-Rothenberg-dress-final-lores


Customer Profile: Rumbi

As a tailor in DC, I see a LOT of office wear. In the sea of navy, and Jos A Banks suits, and Loft separates, it’s hard to establish personal style while still meeting professional dress codes. But then there’s people like Rumbi, who’ve got it all figured out :) Rumbi's-skirt-final-lores


Customer Profile: Bridgette

Too much of a good thing can be, well, too much. Bridgette came to us with exactly that problem. She’d found a tunic in a beautiful shade of mulberry, but it was SO shapeless and just overwhelmed her figure. Luckily, she had an idea, and came to us :) Bridgette-floral-dress-final-lores


Customer Profile: Dafna’s Buffalo Exchange Dress

Dafna seems to have a gift for finding amazing pieces at the thrift and consignment stores (don’t forget her latest Michael Jackson Tee revamp). This glorious piece she scored at Buffalo Exchange on 14th street. Even though it didn’t fit right, it is very clear why she needed to buy it and revamp it. Dafna's-buffalo-exchange-dress-final-lores


Customer Profile: Teki’s Jumpsuit

Teki needed something to wear to a wedding, and wanted to update a piece that had been in her closet for some time, but she hadn’t worn much yet. We discussed that a simple hem would get the piece up and running, but she mentioned that she would love to cinch in the legs if possible. I pinned up the pants to shave off a good 9-10 inches from the circumference from the leg, found the perfect length to flatter her ankles, and measured the desired circumference for the elastic at the ankles. We discussed that we could slim the leg down even further, but she wanted a little bit of the flowiness to remain. Teki-bodysuit-final-lores


Customer Profile: Angie’s Vintage Dress

Angie was sent to us from Merecedes Bien after purchasing this amazing orange vintage gem. The dress has so much potential, but the shoulders were too wide and the front was too revealing for what Angie preferred. Angie's-vintage-dress-final-lores


Customer Profile: Nick’s Camo shirt

Nick dropped in with a few items and knew exactly what we wanted. He picked up this camo shirt at Crossroads right down the street. He knew it had potential, and asked if we could slim it and hem the sleeves to short sleeve with a cuffed hem. I was definitely on board. Luckily since we were slimming the sides so much, I was able to do the cuffed hem, no problem! There you have it! Cheap consignment shirt + a little investment in tailoring = wardrobe staple. Nick's camo shirt final lores


Customer Profile: Andrea’s Cardi-Blazer

When Andrea came to visit us last, she brought several dresses along with this old blazer to see if there was something we could do with it. The blazer definitely had potential, but something about it wasn’t quite working, so we decided to revamp it! Andrea-cardi-blazer-final-lores


Customer Profile: Nick’s Vintage Borrelli Blazer Revamp

Nick has an amazing collection of vintage jackets, the only problem is they don’t fit! However, he understands that because of the quality of these pieces and the fact he could never find anything like it now, they are definitely worth investing in. He started by bringing in this Borrelli blazer along with a knit blazer (that I’m kicking myself I didn’t photograph!) This blazer was just way too big in the shoulders! 1 Nick's Borrelli recut


Problem and Solution: Repair Shirt Slice

Well folks, we’ve all done it. In one swift motion you hear that sound and dread looking down because you know what you’re going to find, that dumb dumb dumb hole!! Argh! After you get a few swear words out of your system, then you quickly accelerate to the mourning phase. However you might not have to give up on that shirt because of one silly hole!