Robin came to us with this over-sized tunic dress that she bought in 2009 while in Pasaraya Grande, Jakarta. Unfortunately, it sat in her closet for years. She loved the fabric, but the bright colors PLUS the long bell sleeves PLUS the fact it was about 18″ too large, made her feel like she was wearing a costume. A terribly fitting, unflattering costume. Robin was drowning in fabric!

Three years later, she came to us with a mission: finally make this beautiful fabric into a wearable piece of her wardrobe. Challenge accepted!

First off, the sleeves HAD to go. They were weighing her down! Also, we had to remove approximately 9″ from either side seam. Then we added front and back darts in order to achieve a more “shift dress” silhouette. Finally we re-cut the armscye and added bust darts.

And TADA! Now Robin has a body skimming, one-of-a-kind shift dress. It’ll be perfect in the spring and summer, but who wants to wait that long? Her dress will also look amazing layered over a black 3/4 length tee, solid tights, and boots. Maybe some knee high socks too (this week got cooooooold!).

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