Tailoring Terminology: Interfacing

Ever go to a tailor and have no idea what word(s) she/he just said? Well, we are here to bring a little education into the wide world of tailoring with a little terminology talk. Check back every week for a new term.

Next up: Interfacing 

Interfacing is material that is attached to the unseen side of a fabric to add extra support and stiffness.  It is commonly seen on the underside of collars,  in areas that have button holes and on waistbands. Interfacing comes in a variety of weights and colors, and  the heavier the fabric you are using for a garment, the heavier the interfacing needs to be. Some types of interfacing are  sewn onto fabric, while others can be fused using a hot iron.

Interfacing on the underside of houndstooth fabric.

*Image courtesy of Sew Distracted

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