About a Dress #28

This week thrift store find came from Jennifer Jeremias, and had oh so much potential. My inspiration to pick this dress was the floral fabric, because I am sooooo ready for Spring 🙂

Before Hi res blog

Before Top blog

I started off by removing the sleeves and neck ruffles, and cut the dress in half–say goodbye, elastic!! I redraped the skirt to add a playful volume with pleats to the lightweight drapey fabric, and shortened the sides to add a more casual menswear throwback. I then draped the top to mimic the skirt pleats, cut a waistband to draw attention to the waist, and added an exposed zipper to add an element of surprise to the back.

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Now this dress is ready to frollic into Spring! Wear it dancing, shopping, brunching, to the park, with layers on a cloudy day, and solo in the hot days of the DC summer!

red ultimate lady tie email

back blog

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  1. by Anonymous fan

    I love what y’all are doing and I love reading the About A Dress columns! If I may offer some constructive criticism – it seems like all of your dress revamps kind of look the same: they tend to be simple, sleeveless, and super short. I would love to see some designs that retain some of the vintage flourishes of the original dresses – longer hemlines, cute sleeves, etc. For example, in this dress it might have been cool to keep the neckline ruffle. Obvs every situation is different but would love to see some more vintagey looks.

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