So we admit that this outfit isn’t from one of our closets, but from our buddy Alyssa’s. She came in to drop off a pair of pants she wanted worked on and lo and behold, she was wearing this cute vintage ensemble. While we worked on both pieces for her, it’s Alyssa’s excellent taste and style that made it happen. Not to mention, it’s a great example of print mixing (without being too over the top).

Over a year ago we repaired this vintage skirt, which had cotton threads that were breaking down and falling apart.  The star top was oversized, and instead of tailoring it in 8 inches, we brainstormed giving it a fun cropped hem that was a little shorter in back for that perfect little peep of midriff.  Both are great examples of quick alterations we can do on those vintage pieces with much promise!  It’s so fun to see these pieces out and about!

And look at the shoes!

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