About a Dress #32

This week’s thrift store dress had a lot of color, but was not cut to flatter. I have been really feeling wearing short shorts pretty much every day, and so naturally I decided to turn this skirt into exactly that. However, this girl has a butt, so I wanted to do some shorts that would exist peacefully with some curves and not fight back.

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I hacked this skirt apart and looked at all of the available fabric. I pieced together two of the fabrics, minus the gathers (nobody wants that hitting thigh level!) and cut these shorts out as wide as possible. I added 12 darts across the top so they would look more like a skirt, and added a waistband that would flatten the front, and flatter the back 🙂

There you have it! This girl is soooooo ready to enjoy the hot hot summers in DC or anywhere! 100% recycled and oh so adorable!

after blog

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after2 blog

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