Colorful Cowl Mini Dress

Take a moment, why don’t you, to fall in love with this new Cowl Neck mini dress, accessorized with a pair of bright red Tanglewood earrings? This newest addition to the shop was made from a full length, giant dress from the 70’s that had a damaged collar.


Even more Rachel Pfeffer Rings!

Even more Rachel Pfeffer Rings!
  Man, oh man. Take a gander at these new babies. A round and bright blue drusy, a mountainous pyrite number, and a monstrous amethyst geode knuckle ring. Nothing like some new bling to brighten up your work day.  


Metal Musings: Circles

Metal Musings: Circles
We are completely head over heals about Metal Musings latest line of jewelry called Circles.  To quote the designer,   As I worked, I recalled how some of my all-time favorite songs use the circle as a theme. In the 70’s [my husband] gave me a Harry Chapin album as a Christmas present and I […]


New From Rachel

New From Rachel
Oh, my. These rings just need to be tried on in order to full understand their amazingness.The one on the left is a beautiful, un-dyed piece of amber colored drusy with crazy large crystals. It’s set in a handmade sterling silver setting on a unique and comfortable oxidized nest band. Carrying on the nested torch, […]


Brand New City Bloomers!

The Gingers have been sewing up a storm lately, replenishing the previously sold out City Bloomer stock!! Here are three of the newbies, all made from a variety of surplus and vintage fabrics. The middle pair has almost a waffle like texture, while the pair on the right is navy/gray fabric with a faint crinkle […]


Now Fluttering from your Ears: New Tanglewood Earrings

Tanglewood was busy all weekend making beautiful new ulta-suede feather earrings just for you! Here I am, everyone’s favorite (and only) Thursday shop girl, modeling the newest color. Right after I snapped this picture,  the wind picked up, and boy let me tell you, I wish I was wearing my City Bloomers underneath my dress. […]


Ascot alert!

I personally have been sporting my own yellow ascot constantly since I laid my eyes on it. But these new colorful ones are making me wonder if I need a second for it to be friends with! Would you just look at these?


What to do with that pesky Ex-Boyfriend Shirt…

I’m sure you’ve had one at some point in your life- that pesky shirt that your Ex left at your house. That one you couldn’t decide between burning in a pile of photographs and love notes while poking a voodoo doll with a pin, or simply returning to the owner. Well, Kristen put her’s to […]


Perfect Pairings

Today we will be highlighting jewelry to be worn with Elizabeth Graeber’s hand painted bags and wallets. Please enjoy. Brown painted Graeber wallet (complete with notepad and pen inside!) with Metal Musings rustic cuff.   Geometric wallet with Rachel Pfeffer’s Nerd Deer pendant in brass, with silver and turquoise bow tie on gold-filled chain. Fancy […]


Your Favorite Mini

These skirts aren’t called “Your Favorite Mini” for nothing.  The top one was  made from vintage silk, and the cheerful yellow flowers are from an antique table cloth!  AND they both have exposed metal zippers on the back. Is there anything more summery for you to wear? I think not. WARNING! These skirts WILL make […]